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Go from feeling overwhelmed, confused, and uncertain to knowing exactly what you need to become a parent via surrogacy (without investing in a surrogacy agency).


But it’s not impossible. Surrogacy may be the solution for you.

You have been craving to have a child of your own. To build a family legacy and cherish every moment as you nurture and raise an extension of your soul; your child. But your journey to parenthood hasn’t been easy. It’s been filled with confusion and anxiety. A diagnosis of infertility.  Unsuccessful IVF treatments. Countless doctors and medications. Could a surrogate mother be the answer to building your family?

It’s so hard seeing people around you create a family with such ease, while you’ve silently longed for a baby of your own. The never-ending questions, passing a shop window filled with pink and blue, seeing your empty room that “should” be a nursery…the void keeps expanding day by day.


Whether you’ve struggled to conceive or you’re looking for an alternate method to embrace parenthood, you know that surrogacy can help you realize your family dream.


  • You are weighed down by thoughts, concerns, and ever-increasing stress.
  • You have read blogs, carried out research, asked for advice, sought “the answer”to starting a family of your own.
  • You have tried piecing together the surrogacy puzzle on your own but there’s just too much to handle.


We have been where you are – from dealing with the pain of infertility to experiencing the joy of parenthood, from helping intended parents navigate through this transition to assisting them in finding their best-fit surrogate match, we have helped hundreds of families.


The surrogacy process can be a challenging and emotional,
but it doesn’t have to overwhelm you.

You need a step-by-step, easy-to-understand, and simple-to-execute framework to complete a successful surrogacy journey as an intended parent. And no, you don’t need to hire a full-service agency or spend thousands in the process. You can do it on your own with the right resources by your side.



A step-by-step, do-it-at-your-own-pace course to guide intended parents (like you) through the entire surrogacy process, so you can fulfill your family dream while having full control over the surrogacy process.

This first-of-its kind online course is designed to give you all the know-how you would get from a surrogacy agency—but at a fraction of the surrogacy agency cost. Everything included is the exact steps we take for our agency clients with detailed instructions to implement.

Whether you need the confidence & clarity to choose surrogacy as your path to parenthood or you want to know exactly how to find the right surrogate, budget your finances, which medical procedures to undergo, and how to legally secure the entire process – this course will help you with every possible aspect of parenthood-via-surrogacy.

Surrogacy Roadmap

Ready to start your parenthood-via- surrogacy
journey but don’t know where to begin?


  • 8 Easy to Follow Course Modules
  • Downloadable Worksheets & Checklists
  • Printable PDFs
  • Exclusive Members Only Support Community


Let’s just take a moment and imagine how would it feel to…

  • Know exactly which steps to take and in what order to bring your partner (or family) on board with your decision, find your best-fit surrogate, and complete all medical & legal processes with utmost confidence.
  • Have full control over the entire surrogacy process and being able to manage your finances without putting unnecessary stress on your bank account.
  • Hold your child in your arms for the first time – the happiness, the satisfaction, the gratitude. From your baby’s first cry to their first smile, their tiny fingers wrapped around yours, their eyes full of sparkles. 
  • Become parents to a healthy baby of your own, welcoming them into the family, being able to connect with all your friends who have children and not feeling left out anymore. 
  • Raise a child with strong values and being able to carry your legacy forward through someone you can be immensely proud of.


When you have a step-by-step roadmap, here’s what you’ll notice:

More clarity. Less confusion.
More confidence. Less overwhelm.
More joy. Less frustration.
More faith. Less doubt.
More doing. Less planning.
More excitement. Less fear.


Module 1: Surrogacy Introduction

This module will help you understand surrogacy, get on the same page as your partner and do the groundwork to clearly communicate your requirements with your potential surrogate, so your parenthood via surrogacy journey is a beautiful one.

Module 2: Setting the Foundation

Module 2 is all about diving deeper into surrogacy; the kind of arrangement you can have with your surrogate, how to deal with unique circumstances such as: Race, Color, LGBTQ+ Partnerships, and the legal and ethical considerations.

Module 3: Finding a Surrogate

This module will help you get clear on your surrogate preferences, so you can find your best-fit Gestational Surrogate, whether you wish to choose one independently or via professional surrogate matching.

Module 4: Budgeting & Building Your Team

This is where you’ll learn how to budget for your surrogacy journey wisely and select your medical, legal and financial team to help you make this dream a reality.

Module 5: Medical Screening and Embryo Creation

Learn all the pertinent screening processes from medical to psychological to the IVF process. Familiarity with these processes will help you stay in control throughout the journey – emotionally and financially.

Module 6: Legal

This is one of the most important modules of this course. You’ll learn legal processes around surrogacy, state specific laws and creating an air-tight GSA (Gestational Surrogate Agreement) that will help you establish parental rights and ensure you’re legally covered.

Module 7: Transfer, Pregnancy, and Delivery

This module will prepare you for each stage of your surrogate’s pregnancy, what you’re expected to do and any legal considerations that may be required. You’ll also get a Birth Plan template to help you plan the pre-birth, delivery and post-birth timeline.

Module 8: International Surrogacy

If you’re considering surrogacy outside of US, this module will help you stay within the legal parameters and dive deep into the logistics of bringing the baby home, travel documentation, citizenship and parentage.

Surrogacy Roadmap


  • 8 Easy to Follow Course Modules
  • Downloadable Worksheets & Checklists
  • Printable PDFs
  • Exclusive Members Only Support Community


In a nutshell, Surrogacy Roadmap will help you:

  • Have a clear understanding of the entire parenthood-via-surrogacy journey
  • Have a clear vision and goals for this process, and a roadmap to achieve those goals
  • Find your best-fit surrogate with a step-by-step process
  • Build a network of professionals to help you navigate surrogacy neatly and legally
  • Finance your surrogacy journey without stress
  • Have a community of supporters who are going to be there for you every step of the way

Surrogacy Roadmap Investment

Once you join the Surrogacy Roadmap, you get immediate and lifetime access to all 8 modules in the member’s only web portal, including videos, printable worksheets, checklists and templates. You can go through the course at your own pace – no pressure at all. 

You’ll also get lifetime access to a close-knit community of other intended parents for reassurance and motivation. Being part of a closed group of people, who are going through the same journey as you, is priceless – you feel heard, understood and supported on a deep level.

Your investment for a step-by-step, easy-to-follow roadmap, all the expert resources and the private support group for a lifetime is…


Start your Journey Today!

About the Course Creator

Navigating surrogacy as an intended parent can be an overwhelming journey. Eloise Drane, the founder of Family Inceptions and the Creator of Surrogacy Roadmap, understands this journey far too well. 

Having been in this field for nearly two decades and helping hundreds of people build their families, Eloise believes that anyone who wants to become parents, should. She seeks to change the narrative by bringing compassion, intentionality, and empowerment to the process of building a family.

The sole motivation behind this one-of-its-kind course is to help as many potential parents as she possibly can – without budget constraints or having to lose control over the process.

By the end of the Surrogacy Roadmap®, you won’t only have answers to your burning questions about working with a surrogate to build your family, but you’ll also be able to take concrete steps toward pursuing surrogacy as a path to parenthood – all while being legally and financially secure.

Eloise Drane creator of Surrogacy Roadmap and Family Inceptions


This course is a combination of value-laden videos, accompanied by downloadable worksheets, checklists and templates to make it easier for you to consume and implement.

Once you join the Surrogacy Roadmap, you will have lifetime access to the course content, membership site and the private support community. You can revisit the course anytime you want.

As this is a do-it-yourself, at-your-own-pace course, you do not get 1-on-1 support inside the course. However, you will have access to Surrogacy Roadmap inside closed support community. Moreover, if you feel the need for personalized support, you will have the opportunity to purchase custom 1:1 support packages.

Members get access to the entire course right after they purchase the course, including all videos, checklists, worksheets and everything else. Still, we have a 2-day refund policy. Go through the course content and if in any case, you don’t want to continue, you can simply ask for a refund. No worries!

The course is for any parent as long as they are completing surrogacy within the United States.

"This course will provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step program that not only gives you a high-level overview, but it also teaches you how to execute—so you have what you need to ultimately hold your baby in your arms!"
Eloise Drane creator of Surrogacy Roadmap and Family Inceptions
Eloise Drane
Course Instructor