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Explore Your Independent Surrogacy Options

  • Option A: Comprehensive Guide to Independent Surrogacy
  • Option B: Four Key Factors for Your Independent Surrogacy Journey

Navigating the path to surrogacy involves tough decisions. While many intended parents opt for agency assistance, some choose the independent route for greater control and cost-effectiveness. The choice between the two depends on personal circumstances and comfort levels.

Considering independent surrogacy? Here are four crucial factors:
  1. Identifying Your Own Surrogate:
  2. An Experienced Attorney is a Must:
  3. Prioritize Mental Health:
    • Emotional support is crucial. Regular counseling for both intended parents and surrogates is recommended.
    • A balanced mental state is essential as emotions run high throughout the process.
  4. Assemble Your Dream Team:
    • Take charge of every step in independent surrogacy, from choosing your surrogate to assembling your team of professionals.
    • Research and select each member of your team, from the fertility clinic to the escrow company.

For a detailed guide on independent surrogacy, consider Surrogacy Roadmap—a unique course covering all aspects of pursuing independent surrogacy.

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