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Independent Surrogacy – Cutting Costs While Securing the Process

Your desire to become a parent is so precious.
Intended parents are special human beings who possess immense courage, resilience and passion. Your decision to embark on the parenthood journey despite all the odds and challenges is applaudable. However, we at, Surrogacy Roadmap, believe that parenthood via surrogacy doesn’t have to be difficult.

Is there work involved?


Does the process require patience?
Yes, it does.

But is it worth the effort?


Now most people think that parenthood via surrogacy is only possible for extraordinarily rich people or someone who has tens of thousands of dollars to pay a full-service surrogacy agency. While we agree that surrogacy requires a lot of time, energy and money commitment, there are ways to make the process less overwhelming.

No one should give up their dream of having a child just because the surrogacy process seems intimidating or they don’t have the resources to hire full-time help.

Whether you are looking to cut costs for your parenthood-via-surrogacy journey or you want to be in control of the entire process – from choosing the right surrogate to adorning your house with “precious laughter and little footsteps” of your own child, you can do that with Independent Surrogacy.

As evident from the term itself, “independent surrogacy” – also known as Indy surrogacy – is a process where intended parents choose their own surrogate and complete the parenthood via surrogacy journey without hiring a full-service surrogacy agency.

Hence, by foregoing the services, a surrogacy agency provides (from matching, screening, and finding a surrogate to legal, medical and counselling support), the overall cost of the surrogacy process gets marked down.

However, you should keep in mind that surrogacy is not child’s play. There are many advanced legal and medical procedures to take into consideration, which is why the professional agencies charge a hefty amount for their services.

You cannot simply skip steps just to adjust the surrogacy process to your wish, as it can cause some serious medical as well as legal difficulties. However, there are ways you can complete your parenthood via surrogacy journey WITHOUT causing a financial, emotional, medical or legal trouble.

We have compiled a list of tips to help you cut costs while making sure that the entire process is safe and secure.


    In independent surrogacy, when the intended parents decide to take the matter into their own hands, they start the process by choosing their own surrogate, which is the most daunting and challenging task.
    In most independent surrogacy cases, the surrogate mother is often a friend or family, which makes the whole process a lot easier and uncomplicated.
    If intended parents are on excellent terms with the surrogate mother, they don’t have to pay the surrogate apart from covering the medical expenses, OR, pay considerably less. Although it depends on the relationship between both parties, it’s still something to keep in mind.
    It is an established fact that you would require a budget to cover the surrogacy costs, even if the cost is comparatively less. Hence, grants are another option to finance your surrogacy journey.
    Grants are non-repayable money awarded by various organizations to the right candidates. You have to fill in an application and meet a certain criteria to be eligible for these grants. The requirements vary based on religion, location and the overall agenda of the organization.
    Fundraising is another great option to fund your parenthood via surrogacy journey. The desire to have, raise, and love a baby is noble, and there are people who would love to be a part of this and help you successfully complete this journey. You can host an online fundraiser through a crowdfunding platform, ask for donations on your social media platforms, or host an in-person auction or event (the proceeds of which will go to your surrogacy fund).
    Surrogacy without an agency is definitely possible. You can, for sure, cut back on expenses by not hiring an agency and handling all the important steps yourself. Independent Surrogacy is an excellent opportunity to be fully involved and take control of the process.
    However, the problem occurs when most intended parents don’t know the entire process step-by-step, and end up causing more damage than good. In the end, most intended parents are left wondering if they should even go for the Indy surrogacy or not!
    The solution?

Surrogacy Roadmap is a one-of-its-kind, step-by-step course to help you go from feeling overwhelmed, confused and uncertain to knowing exactly what you need to become a parent via surrogacy (without investing in a surrogacy agency).

We believe everyone who desires to have a child, should. And no, the process doesn’t need to be complicated. When you know every step involved and have the professional guidance to execute it, you can confidently sail through the entire journey.

In Surrogacy Roadmap, you will learn how to set the right foundations for your surrogacy, the process to find your best-fit surrogate and how to secure your journey with legal procedures (crucial). 

You will also learn how to budget for your surrogacy, all the medical procedures involved and how to have a safe & healthy surrogacy – both for your surrogate mother and yourself. 

There are 8 easy-to-follow course modules that you can go through at your own pace as well as a community to support you every step of the way.

Knowledge is Power. With surrogacy Roadmap, you can have the power to start your own independent surrogacy journey and bring home the baby you so deeply desire.

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