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Your Private Surrogacy Journey Made Simple: Step-by-Step Guidance to Parenthood

I’ve curated the ultimate toolkit to help you understand the process, anticipate challenges, and ensure a smooth journey ahead. Yes, that’s right—everything you need for a stress-free private surrogacy journey experience is laid out step by step.

Comprehensive Education

Access my tried-and-tested process, receive expert guidance, and gain access to essential resources—all for less than what you’d spend working with an agency.

Lifetime Access for Continuous Support

Make a one-time investment and gain lifetime access to continuously updated modules, providing ongoing support and information throughout your entire private surrogacy journey.

The Perfect Companion on the Road to Parenthood

Surrogacy Roadmap gives you a step-by-step process for building your understanding of the surrogacy journey and then putting that knowledge into action.

Each module walks you through essential considerations, planning processes, and action steps as if you had an agency holding your hand.

Surrogacy Roadmap

Get the Step-by-Step Guidance of Surrogacy Experts with the Convenience & Lifetime Access of an eLearning Platform

  • 12 Value-Packed Video Lesson Modules
  • Emotional Readiness Tools
  • Planning Worksheets
  • Our Expert-Approved Resource Library
  • Directory of Preferred Professionals
  • Lifetime Access!
private surrogacy journey

The Surrogacy Roadmap course includes:


The Roadmap

Explore the Roadmap and surrogacy basics to reduce stress and demystify the surrogacy journey.

Module 1


Select a clinic, create embryos, and explore IVF options to make informed decisions.

Module 2


Mindset, preparation, and planning for effective communication are foundational elements of a successful surrogacy journey.

Module 3

Cautionary Tales

Discover cautionary tales and learn about pitfalls to avoid, ensuring preparedness for the challenges of the surrogacy journey.

Module 4

Unique IP Populations

We’ll explore diverse aspects of parenthood, including considerations for individuals of various backgrounds and orientations.

Module 5

Financial Aspects

Delve into financing your surrogacy journey! Discover typical expenses, payment methods, and ways to reduce costs.

Module 6

Finding Your Surrogate

Take the mystery out of finding, screening, and securing a qualified surrogate.

Module 7

Professional Team

Learn about the professionals you need on your team during this complex journey.

Module 8

Legal Considerations

Learn about finding a qualified attorney and understanding surrogacy laws.

Module 9

Preparation and Transfer

Learn about finding a qualified attorney and understanding surrogacy laws.

Module 10


Learn the basics of what to expect during each trimester.

Module 11

Journey Home

Discover what to expect and prepare for after your baby is born.

Module 12

Bonus Content

Bonus Content

FAQs Answered & Mistakes to Avoid

Our course is designed to anticipate your questions and help you steer clear of potential pitfalls, ensuring a smoother journey to parenthood.

Common Questions

Answered In

What will surrogacy cost me?

Module 5

How do I know if my surrogate’s insurance will cover care?

Module 5

How do I find a surrogate independently?

Module 6

How do I legally protect my family?

Module 8

What does the medical process entail?

Module 9


Meet the Creator

Hello, I’m Eloise Drane—a three-time surrogate, six-time egg donor, and the founder and CEO of Family Inceptions, a surrogacy and egg donation agency. As the Fertility Café podcast host and an industry expert with over two decades of experience, I’ve dedicated my career to helping families achieve their dreams of parenthood. Along the way, I’ve encountered many individuals who either didn’t require the services of a full-service agency or couldn’t afford one.

I strongly believe everyone should have the chance to create a family if they desire. Yet, it’s crucial to ensure that the process is conducted properly to protect yourself, your child, and the surrogate involved. That’s why I developed the Surrogacy Roadmap— to offer the necessary educational guidance for a smooth journey to parenthood.

Drawing from the expertise gained through my agency, and years of assisting hundreds of families, I’ve curated a step-by-step DIY program to help families like yours realize their dream of having a child and eliminate uncertainties from the process.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude for considering the Surrogacy Roadmap as your guide. I sincerely hope this resource empowers you to navigate the journey to parenthood confidently and clearly, ultimately fulfilling your dreams of building a family. Thank you for entrusting me with this vital aspect of your life’s journey.

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Revolutionize your path to parenthood and achieve the dream of bringing your baby home. It’s not just a possibility—it’s within reach with the Surrogacy Roadmap!

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Surrogacy Resources to Guide Your Journey

Discover a wealth of insights and inspiration tailored to individuals embarking on the path to parenthood through surrogacy. Explore our informative content, find inspiration for your journey, and stay informed and supported every step of the way.


"Surrogacy Roadmap simplified our journey to parenthood. The step-by-step course, educational videos, and planning handouts were invaluable. We avoided agency costs and are now proud parents thanks to this program."

Emma and Jack H.


"As a single father, Surrogacy Roadmap was a lifeline. It provided clear insights and practical tools, guiding me confidently through each step. I'm grateful for the program's role in my successful path to fatherhood."

Miguel M.

S & N

"The Surrogacy Roadmap demystified the surrogacy process for us, replacing daunting tasks with clear guidance and expert advice. It's been pivotal in helping us realize our dream of parenthood without the need for an agency."

Sara and Nancy D.

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