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Surrogacy Without an Agency – A Practical Guide

Embarking on the journey of parenthood through surrogacy is a profound experience. Whether you have faced challenges with conceiving naturally or are a same-sex couple seeking to expand your family, surrogacy might be the answer.

The surrogacy landscape can be overwhelming and filled with technicalities, terminology, and substantial costs. However, investing time, energy, and finances in surrogacy is ultimately rewarding. Importantly, you have options as intended parents, allowing you to choose the path that aligns with your vision.

Two Paths to Parenthood:
  1. Surrogacy with an Agency:
    • Full-service solution with professional support.
    • Inclusive services cover matching, screening, counseling, medical assistance, and legal help.
    • Significant financial investment, averaging $105,000 to $130,000 or more.
  2. Independent Surrogacy:
    • It is ideal for those wanting control and cost savings.
    • Also known as DIY or private surrogacy.
    • Perfect for those with a pre-selected surrogate, like a family member, or for those yet to find one.
Benefits of Independent Surrogacy:
  1. Choice of Surrogate:
    • Complete control over selecting a surrogate.
    • Option to choose a trusted friend or family member.
    • Emotional connection enhances the overall process.
  2. Repeatable Process:
    • Becoming an expert in independent surrogacy allows repetition.
    • Familiarity eases subsequent journeys for growing your family.
    • Flexibility based on family goals.
  3. Cost Savings:
    • Substantially lower overall investment than agency surrogacy.
    • Average agency fees are $105,000 to $130,000; independent surrogacy costs significantly less.
    • Affordable, step-by-step courses are available, costing less than $1,000.
  4. Personalized Legal and Medical Teams:
    • Handpick your legal and medical professionals.
    • Responsibilities include choosing a surrogacy clinic, screening the surrogate, and supporting her throughout the pregnancy.
The Way Forward

While independent surrogacy may seem challenging for first-time parents due to added responsibilities, it is a manageable task. Consider enrolling in an online course, like Surrogacy Roadmap, to guide you through the entire process in detail.

Navigating Independent Surrogacy:
  • While managing added responsibilities can be challenging for first-time parents, online courses offer detailed step-by-step guidance.
  • The Surrogacy Roadmap is a comprehensive course covering emotional commitment and medical and legal intricacies, ensuring a smoother journey.

Becoming a parent through surrogacy is a profound right, and independent surrogacy opens this possibility. In the age of possibilities, the Surrogacy Roadmap stands as a resource to guide you through the surrogacy journey, making the path to parenthood more accessible.

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