Raising and loving a child is one of the purest things that one can experience. For some, the journey is effortless and easy, while others struggle to have their own little bundle of joy. And that is why you are here – to learn about surrogacy, and to determine if independent surrogacy is a good option for you and your family.

Maybe you are one of those people who have tried everything – from medications and surgeries to IVF treatments – but nothing seems to be working. Or maybe, you are a same sex couple longing to grow your family. Either way, parenthood via surrogacy can help you achieve your family dream.

There are lots of misconceptions about surrogacy, and its easy for you – the intended parents – to get overwhelmed by the technicalities, terminologies, and the process itself. Not to mention the hefty investment and cost of surrogacy. The decision to pursue surrogacy can be overwhelming.

But let us make one thing very clear: As demanding as the surrogacy journey may seem, the time, energy, and money investment in the end is worth it. Moreover, there are options available to you as an intended parent about the kind of path you want to take.


There are two ways to become a parent via surrogacy

  • Through a Full-Service Surrogacy Agency
  • Independent Surrogacy

Surrogacy with an Agency

Surrogacy with an agency is an all-inclusive solution offered by professionals to the intended parents. The services include matching, screening, counseling, medical procedures assistance, legal support, and everything an intended parent could possibly need. To say the least, if you choose your agency wisely, a team of professionals make the whole process less intimidating for you and you feel taken care of.

However, becoming a parent via a full-service surrogacy agency is a substantial investment. The average fee for surrogacy via agency is $105,000 to $ 130,000 and, sometimes, even more, depending on the location.

Independent Surrogacy (Surrogacy without an Agency)

Surrogacy without an agency is the best option for intended parents who want to take control of the entire process all while cutting costs. This type of surrogacy is also called Independent Surrogacy.

The process and its requirements remain the same in this type of surrogacy, however, you familiarize yourself with all the steps yourself and execute them one by one. Independent surrogacy is a perfect option if you already have your surrogate selected – maybe a sister, cousin, or close family friend. The industry refers to this as a “compassionate surrogacy”. If you don’t have a surrogate selected yet, independent surrogacy is still a great option for you. Whether you already have a potential surrogate mother from friends or family, or you want to look for one yourself, the independent surrogacy can help you actualize your dream of becoming a parent.


At first, the idea of becoming a parent through surrogacy may seem foreign and out of the question. You may worry about bonding with your baby, your surrogate’s intentions, and you may not feel connected to the process itself.

That is the reason why independent surrogacy is preferred by some intended parents. Apart from being cost-effective, surrogacy without an agency has other benefits too.


First: You can choose your own surrogate

You are in charge of selecting a surrogate mother from start to finish. Maybe you’d like to use someone you know, such as a close friend or family member. Ultimately, you need to find a surrogate you like and trust. This connection will significantly benefit you through the process emotionally.

Second: You can repeat the process in the future

You’ll become an expert on independent surrogacy and can repeat the process over and over again to grow your family. After you’ve completed the process of independent surrogacy once, everything goes smoothly, and the baby is delivered safely, the process won’t seem as daunting. You can become a parent via surrogacy again as you are now aware of the ins and outs of the process. This, of course, depends on your family goals. But the ability to repeat the process is a huge plus!

Third: You can save money

This is a big one… the cost of surrogacy when you go the independent route is much, much less. Although you still have to go through the entire process of matching, screening, medical assistance, and legal support, you have the flexibility to make choices depending on your budget. The average fee for surrogacy via agency is $105,000 to $ 130,000 and, sometimes, even more, depending on the location. In independent surrogacy, the overall investment is significantly less. A step-by-step course that guides you through the entire surrogacy process can cost less than $1,000.00.

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Fourth: You can choose your legal and medical team

To take care of the legal side of the process, you have to hire a surrogacy lawyer. You will also need to work with a fertility clinic. For the medical process of surrogacy, some of the primary responsibilities of the intended parents in surrogacy without an agency include choosing a surrogacy clinic, screening the surrogate mother, and supporting and taking care of the surrogate mother throughout the pregnancy.


For the first-time parents, independent surrogacy can be a bit confusing because of the pressure the added responsibilities put on you, but it is not an impossible task.

The right way to go through an independent surrogacy is to find an online course that walks you through the entire process step-by-step, in detail. That way you can make the surrogacy journey as smooth as possible for yourself and for your surrogate, too.


Surrogacy is not merely a medical or a clinical process. It is an emotional journey that can get a bit overwhelming without the right support. Therefore, whether you choose to hire a full-service agency or you want to take the independent surrogacy route, it should be treated with personalized attention.

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Becoming a parent is your ultimate right, and nothing should stop you from that. We live in the age of possibilities, and independent surrogacy is one such possibility that can make your life all the more beautiful with the laughter of your precious little one.

With the help of Surrogacy Roadmap, get ready to welcome your darling baby into the family!