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Introducing Surrogacy Roadmap

Surrogacy Roadmap is a step-by-step, comprehensive online course that will guide intended parents (like you) through the entire parenthood-via-surrogacy process, providing all the knowledge you would get from a surrogacy agency, but at a fraction of the agency cost.

You need a step-by-step, easy-to-understand, and simple-to-execute framework to complete a successful surrogacy journey as an intended parent. And no, you don’t need to hire a full-service agency or spend thousands in the process. You can do it on your own with the right resources by your side.

Take a Look Inside the Surrogacy Roadmap Program

After nearly two decades of helping hundreds of intended parents start (or grow) their families through my global surrogacy and egg donation agency, I’ve fine- tuned a process for navigating the surrogacy from start to finish. I’ve also come to realize that not everyone wants to work with an agency to complete their journey. That’s why I created Surrogacy Roadmap… for couples and individuals just like you:

The Answer You’ve Been Waiting For:

An easy-to-follow framework that gives you a crystal clear roadmap for completing a successful surrogacy journey as an intended parent.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

module one

Surrogacy Introduction

This module will help you understand surrogacy, get on the same page as your partner and do the groundwork to clearly communicate your requirements with your potential surrogate, so your parenthood via surrogacy journey is a beautiful one.

module two

setting the foundation

Module 2 is all about diving deeper into surrogacy; the kind of arrangement you can have with your surrogate, how to deal with unique circumstances such as: Race, Color, LGBTQ+ Partnerships, and the legal and ethical considerations.

module three

Finding a surrogate

This module will help you get clear on your surrogate preferences, so you can find your best-fit Gestational Surrogate, whether you wish to choose one independently or via professional surrogate matching.

module four

budgeting & building your team

This is where you’ll learn how to budget for your surrogacy journey wisely and select your medical, legal and financial team to help you make this dream a reality.

module five

medical screening & embryo creation

Learn all the pertinent screening processes from medical to psychological to the IVF process. Familiarity with these processes will help you stay in control throughout the journey – emotionally and financially.

module six


This is one of the most important modules of this course. You’ll learn legal processes around surrogacy, state specific laws and creating an air-tight GSA (Gestational Surrogate Agreement) that will help you establish parental rights and ensure you’re legally covered.

module seven

Transfer, Pregnancy and Delivery

This module will prepare you for each stage of your surrogate’s pregnancy, what you’re expected to do and any legal considerations that may be required. You’ll also get a Birth Plan template to help you plan the pre-birth, delivery and post-birth timeline.

module eight

International Surrogacy

If you’re considering surrogacy outside of US, this module will help you stay within the legal parameters and dive deep into the logistics of bringing the baby home, travel documentation, citizenship and parentage.

When You Enroll in the Surrogacy Roadmap Program, You’ll Also Receive Access To:

Members Only Private Facebook Group

You’ll get lifetime access to a close-knit community of other intended parents for reassurance and motivation. Being part of a closed group of people, who are going through the same journey as you, is priceless – you feel heard, understood and supported on a deep level. Have a question about your surrogacy journey? Ask Eloise in the monthly Facebook live for members only.

Surrogacy Budget Worksheet

Get your customizable budget worksheet to help you prepare and manage your surrogacy finances, so you can take every step with utmost confidence. The worksheet will help you forecast and manage your budget throughout your surrogacy journey so you can stay in full control of your


A collection of the top questions and thought-starters you need to ensure a smooth surrogacy journey including tips for avoiding surrogacy scams, the awkward questions you MUST ask your gestational surrogate, an the top ten topics to consider before starting your journey.

You’ll Be Backed By a 100% Money Back Guarantee

We wholeheartedly believe Surrogacy Roadmap is the best comprehensive, all-in-one program on the market to help build your dream family via surrogacy. 

That’s why we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can try it for 7 days, and if you aren’t satisfied, just ask us for a full refund within 7 calendar days of purchasing.  You can see our full refund policy here.

Navigating surrogacy as an intended parent can be an overwhelming journey.
Eloise Drane, the founder of Family Inceptions and the Creator of Surrogacy
Roadmap, understands this journey far too well.  

Having been in this field for nearly two decades and helping hundreds of people build their families, Eloise believes that anyone who wants to become parents, should. She seeks to change the narrative by bringing compassion, intentionality, and empowerment to the process of building a family. 

The sole motivation behind this one-of-its-kind course is to help as many potential parents as she possibly can – without budget constraints or having to lose control over the process.

Eloise Drane creator of Surrogacy Roadmap and Family Inceptions
“I truly believe that there’s never been a better time to start making your dreams of a family a reality. Your time is now!”
– Eloise Drane, Creator Surrogacy Roadmap

Your Journey to Parenthood Has Been Trickier Than Expected…

But It’s Not Too Late to Turn Things Around

But beyond all of these challenges, you know without a doubt that your decision to embrace parenthood is one of the most meaningful steps you will ever take in your life, and it’s worth fighting for.

The biggest risk in all of this is spending another day wondering how you’re going to navigate surrogacy on your own.




Once you join the Surrogacy Roadmap, you will have lifetime access to the course content, membership site and the private support community. You can revisit the course anytime you want.

You will have access to a private Facebook group for Surrogacy Roadmap members. You’ll be able to ask questions that will be answered in a monthly Facebook live with Eloise Drane creator of the  Surrogacy Roadmap.  In addition, if you would like 1:1 support, you have the opportunity to purchase custom 1:1 support packages.

I know that purchase decisions can often be difficult.  I’m fully confident that this program will help you build your family via
surrogacy. There is a full 7-day risk free guarantee, (no questions asked, no assignments to submit) in the program. See our Terms and Conditions for more details here.

The course is for any parent as long as they are completing surrogacy within the United States, working with a US-based surrogate.