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How to Make the Most of the First Meeting with Your Surrogate

Meeting your surrogate mother for the first time is an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience for intended parents. To ensure a smooth initial encounter, we have curated 7 PRO tips:

1. Research and prepare
  • Before the meeting, thoroughly read your surrogate’s profile.
  • Prepare questions with your partner, ensuring you have a clear understanding of her personality and your requirements.
  • Set a date and time and be punctual to set a positive tone.
2. Respect her privacy
  • Balance curiosity with respect.
  • Discuss general topics like lifestyle and goals, avoiding intrusive questions.
  • Trust the surrogacy process and refrain from micromanaging details in the first meeting.
3. Ask questions and value her input
  • Focus on light conversations and avoid sensitive topics.
  • Inquire about her motivations for choosing surrogacy, aspirations, and lifestyle.
  • Absorb information without judgment and respect differences.
4. They are not doing it exclusively for financial gain
  • Dispel the misconception that surrogates are solely motivated by financial gain.
  • Emphasize their altruistic motives and avoid dwelling on financial aspects in the first meeting.
5. Communication is key
  • Establish clear communication patterns with your surrogate.
  • Inquire about her preferred communication methods, respecting her schedule and family commitments.
6. Give Her Space and Opportunity to Talk
  • Provide room for your surrogate to ask questions and express reservations.
  • Showcase your commitment to the surrogacy journey and your preparedness for parenthood.
7. Be Yourself
  • Authenticity fosters a genuine relationship.
  • Relax, breathe, and act naturally.
  • Ask your surrogate how you can make her comfortable during the surrogacy journey.

Building a healthy surrogacy journey takes time. Take it slow, follow these guidelines, and remember, you can delve deeper into discussions in subsequent meetings. For more tips on ensuring a smooth surrogacy journey, download Surrogacy Roadmap today!

We wish you a happy and fruitful surrogacy journey!

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