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Independent Surrogacy: Keys to a Successful Journey

Independent surrogacy is a path for those yearning to have a child without the high costs of agencies or seeking greater control over the process. This DIY approach involves intended parents and a surrogate working directly, bypassing agency involvement.

Independent vs. Agency:

While agencies offer a comprehensive, guided journey, independent surrogacy appeals to those with financial constraints, pre-existing surrogate connections, or a desire for a more hands-on approach. The latter allows for cost savings and a more personalized experience.

Five Essential Steps for Independent Surrogacy:
  1. Respect Your Surrogate’s Individuality:
    • Acknowledge your surrogate’s privacy and lifestyle.
    • Deeply understand her personality, values, and preferences.
  2. Secure an Experienced Surrogacy Attorney:
    • Navigate legal complexities by hiring a surrogacy-savvy attorney.
    • Visit the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys for qualified recommendations.
  3. Enlist Counseling Support:
    • Prioritize the emotional and mental well-being of both the intended parents and the surrogate.
    • Overlooked by some, counseling fosters a friendly relationship and a smoother journey.
  4. Prepare for Challenges:
    • Independently managing the entire process requires readiness for unforeseen challenges.
    • Join the Surrogacy Roadmap for access to professionals and a supportive community.
  5. Avoid Scams:
    • Exercise caution to prevent scams; thorough vetting is crucial.
    • Scrutinize surrogacy contracts, ensuring clarity in financial terms and compensations.
Final Advice:
  • Address concerns promptly; prioritize your well-being and your unborn baby’s safety.
  • Independent surrogacy demands diligence but can be more manageable with these guidelines.
  • For a less complicated and smoother journey, stay informed and vigilant throughout the process.
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