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A Blueprint for Mastering IVF and Alternative Family Building Options

Considering surrogacy for your path to baby? Our passionate IVF and third-party reproduction experts are here to guide you through a smoother journey, offering insights for successful alternative family building. Facing a road filled with stress and crucial decisions, couples who prepare in advance are better equipped to make informed choices.

Step 1: Build your IVF support team

Build a Fertility Support Team Assemble a multidisciplinary team, including:

  • IVF doctor, who is a subject matter expert.
  • Therapist for emotional support.
  • Attorney for surrogacy agreements.
  • Financial planner to strategize funding.
Step 2: Establish your financial game plan

Establishing a Financial Game Plan IVF comes at a cost. Collaborate with a financial planner to determine funding sources and set aside savings to cover at least two complete cycles.

Step 3: Define your family goals

Define Your Family Goals Clarify your desired family size, as it influences your assisted reproductive technology process, finances, and insurance benefits.

Step 4: Know what indicators will be signs to change course

Identify Course Change Indicators Plan “if, then” scenarios before treatment begins. Anticipate potential roadblocks and have a straightforward course of action, considering alternatives like surrogacy if needed.

Step 5: Analyze your likelihood for success with IVF

Assess Likelihood of IVF Success Consult an unbiased professional to realistically evaluate the chances of success based on your unique situation.

Step 6: Keep partner communications open

Maintain Open Communication with Your Partner, address issues promptly, and work through challenges with a therapist. Ensure unity with your partner, plan for multiple cycles, and keep open options for donors or surrogates.

Step 7: informed decisions

Make Informed Decisions Educate yourself on your infertility case, seek professional opinions, and educate yourself about all available options.

Prepare for the Next Steps in Your IVF Journey While assisted reproductive technology can be demanding, it is also empowering and exciting. Do not hesitate to ask questions and seek guidance. Explore resources like Surrogacy Roadmap ( for further assistance.

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