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Guide to Surrogacy: FAQs, Costs, and Legalities

Surrogacy is a complex but rewarding journey. Gain confidence and clarity by exploring the following key aspects: What is surrogacy?

1. Understanding Surrogacy:

Two Types: Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy:

  1. A Gestational Carrier or Surrogate is not genetically related to the child she carries.
  2. A Traditional Surrogate achieves pregnancy through IVF with her eggs and intended father’s sperm or donor sperm.

Learn more about surrogacy on the Fertility Café podcastEpisode 2 | Surrogacy 101: When It Takes a Village to Start a Family.

2. Reasons for Choosing Surrogacy:
  • Infertility Struggles
  • Inability to Carry a Child
  • Genetic Defects or Health Conditions
  • Same-Sex Parenting
3. Legal Landscape of Surrogacy:
  • State-by-State Variations
  • Types of Surrogacy Legalities
  • Rights of Intended Parents
4. What is the cost of surrogacy in the US?
  • Average U.S. Surrogacy Cost: $110,000 – $200,000
  • Agency Management, Legal, Medical, and Other Fees
  • Financing Options and Fertility Financing
Estimated Surrogacy Cost & Fees Include:


As every surrogacy journey is unique and the cost of surrogacy differs based on many factors, it’s best to book a consultation with Family Inceptions Surrogacy Agency to get all the details.

Thinking about foregoing the surrogacy agency and doing an independent surrogacy journey? We recommend enrolling in a DIY online surrogacy course to learn the ins and outs of surrogacy, including the costs, finding the right surrogate, and to the legal elements to secure your legal parentage in the United States. Download it here: Surrogacy Roadmap

Read more about the cost of surrogacy on our blog: 12 Ways You Can Save Money on Surrogacy

5. Tax Implications of Surrogacy:
6. Insurance Coverage:
7. Surrogacy Process Timeline:
  • General Duration: 15-18 Months
  • Additional Time for Donor Processes
8. Choosing Between Agency and Independent Surrogacy:
9. Becoming a Surrogate:
  • Qualifications and Requirements. Please visit this page for more information.
  • Wondering if being a surrogate is right for you? Find out your Surrogate Score now and see how to run among other women looking to start their surrogacy journeys: TAKE THE QUIZ linked here.

How to Become a Surrogate

How Much Can I Make as a Surrogate?

10. Fertility Café Podcast:
  • A Resource for In-Depth Discussions.
  • Topics Covering Third-Party Reproduction and Surrogacy.
11. Insurance for Surrogates:
  • Importance of Medical Insurance.
  • Addressing Exclusions and Coverage Gaps.
12. Surrogate Compensation and Taxes:
  • Understanding Taxable Income.
  • Reporting and 1099-MISC Forms.
13. Finding Surrogacy Agencies:
  • Geographic Popularity: States with Active Surrogacy.
  • Family Inceptions’ Approach to Surrogacy.
14. Fertility Journey Duration:
  • Realistic Expectations: 15-18 Months.
  • Patience and Preparation for the Surrogacy Process.
15. Surrogacy FAQs:
  • Essential Questions Answered.
  • Seeking Informed Decision-Making.
Explore More on the Fertility Café Podcast:
  • Episodes Covering Surrogacy 101 and Beyond.
  • Expert Insights and Candid Conversations.

Embark on your surrogacy journey with confidence and informed decision-making. Dive into the comprehensive resources provided by Surrogacy Roadmap, your guide to a successful path to parenthood.

Listen to the Fertility Café podcast now:

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